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Executive Staff

Leah F. Campbell | Attorney at Law
Executive Director

Allen Dabney
Director of Finance and Operations

Laura Herberholz
Director of Residential Services

Andrew Martin
Director of Community Engagement Centers

Lissa Pyles
Director of Compliance and Quality Improvement

Linda Romine
Director of Development

Laura Saeed
Director of Human Resources

2018-19 Board of Directors

Benton Keith, Chairman
Nathan Fort, Vice Chairman
Alex Campbell, Treasurer
Ross Jordan, Secretary
Ned Booker
Chona Camomot
Denny Ertel
Joe Kayse
Steve Moss
Bruce Ogle
Toni Ray
Jane Rechter
Michael Trager-Kusman
Charlie Westerfield
Jeremy White
Joy Hanna (Emeritus)
Afaf Shaheen (Emeritus)