Did Pillar acquire Apple Patch?

No. Pillar is the same nonprofit organization that has existed for 30 years. In September 2018 we rebranded as Pillar, a name that better encompasses all the services and supports we offer in the community.

Does your agency serve children?

Community Living Supports (CLS,) Case Management, and Behavioral Services are open to school-aged children and adults of all ages.

Our Community Engagement Centers (Day Programs), Residential Supports, and Community Access programs are for adults.

Do you offer programs for children and young adults who are out of school for the summer?

No. Our programs operate year-round, but we don’t offer summer-only options.

Can someone receive services before they have the Michelle P. or SCL Waiver?

We provide private pay options for those who do not qualify for (or who are on the waiting list for) waiver supports. To learn more about our private pay options, please email us at: info@pillarsupport.org.

To learn more about the SCL Medicaid waiver, visit: http://dbhdid.ky.gov/ddid/scl-services.aspx

To learn more about obtaining a Michelle P waiver, visit: https://chfs.ky.gov/agencies/dms/dca/iddcsb/Pages/mpw.aspx

How do I get on your waiting list for services?

Although most of our programs are wait-listed, we accept referrals for individuals seeking waiver-based services. If you are a waiver recipient or their guardian who is interested in getting onto the agency’s waiting list, contact your Case Manager or Support Broker and ask them to send a participant referral to the program director overseeing your area of interest.